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ZWILLING - Poultry Shears

ZWILLING - Poultry Shears

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All lovers of crispy roast duck or delicious fried chicken will love the TWIN Select poultry shears. Because it makes it easy to portion poultry of all kinds.

The well thought-out design of the poultry shears starts with the ergonomic handle, which allows you to safely use the shears without tiring your hand.

The shears provide an ideal leverage effect and a good transmission of power. Thanks to the bone crusher and serrated blade, you can cut meat, tendons and even bones easily and cleanly. The serration prevents the food from slipping, which makes work even easier.

The shears are forged from special stainless steel and are especially sharp. With a short, powerful squeeze, you can cut quickly and cleanly. This is especially helpful if you use the shears for portioning and serving.

In the case of the TWIN Select poultry shears, the spring is on the inside for the first time. This prevents it from jumping out. And if you no longer need the shears, they can easily be taken apart and cleaned by the detaching mechanism.

MATERIAL TYPE Special Formula Steel



Since 1731, ZWILLING has been crafting cutlery in Germany, home to the world’s finest makers of swords, knives, and scissors. Our passion for cooking inspired us to pour our savvy into cookware, glassware, kitchen tools, and more—products that put the pleasure in cooking and entertaining. So when you hold a ZWILLING product, you’re holding a piece of history. And the future.
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