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BALLARINI - Alba Serving Pan with lid - 28cm

BALLARINI - Alba Serving Pan with lid - 28cm

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In collaboration with the design studio Thun & Rodriguez in Milan, Ballarini have developed a serving pan that lives up to its name.

The black powder coating ensures an authentic cast look that attracts attention on every banquet table. Another highlight are the elegant stainless steel handles, which are ergonomically shaped and stay pleasantly cool while cooking. But it’s not just the design that impresses: the pan from the Alba series by BALLARINI is equipped with the revolutionary Keravis-Ti-X non-stick coating and allows you to cook with almost no oil or fat. The taste of the food is not adulterated and you eat healthily and consciously.

The bimetal base allows it to be used on any type of stove and of course on induction plates. The floor is heated quickly and evenly. The non-stick coating does not burn anything and it will last for many years. It owes this to the additional titanium layer, which makes this seal exceptionally scratch-resistant. Even frequent use – even with metal kitchen gadgets – can hardly harm the non-stick coating. After the feast, cleaning is also a pleasure: simply clean the pan with a soft sponge or kitchen towel

  • For professional cooking on any type of hob including induction
  • For cooking, frying and cooking
  • Ideal for years of use
  • Upper diameter: 28.0 cm
  • Width: 32.0 cm
  • Height: 12.0 cm



    To BALLARINI, “Made in Italy” means much more than originating in a place on a map. For over 120 years, we’ve infused Italian heritage, family values, and local tradition into every piece of BALLARINI cookware. We design every product as if it’s for our own kitchen—because as far as we’re concerned, everyone who cooks with BALLARINI is part of our extended family.

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