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BALLARINI - Rialto Frying Pan - 28cm

BALLARINI - Rialto Frying Pan - 28cm

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If you like to cook for the whole family, sit at the table with your guests for a long time and enjoy good conversations alongside excellent dishes, you are sure to love the large pan from the Rialto series by BALLARINI.

With a diameter of  28cm, the pan, which is equipped with the triple KERAVIS non-stick coating reinforced with ceramic particles, offers plenty of space for fried schnitzel, creative vegetable dishes and crispy fried potatoes. Thanks to the non-stick coating, you can cook healthily and gently in the pan at temperatures up to 250 ° C without the addition of liquids.

The heavy forged aluminium pan is very heat-resistant and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after use. The handle is thermally insulated and ergonomically shaped, which makes handling easy even when heated to a high level. In addition, the non-stick coating is not damaged when using kitchen utensils made of metal. This makes the pan suitable for everyday use.

The thermopoint display is located in the pan handle, which shows you how hot the pan is while cooking. A dot that lights up in red indicates that the pan has reached the ideal roasting temperature. Green stands for the cooling phase. The pan is flat and can be used on all types of stoves except induction thanks to the finely turned bottom. Whether tenderly roasted meat, crispy vegetables or pancakes – in this Rialto pan from BALLARINI you can manage your dishes easily.

• Stainless steel flame guard and screw to guarantee safety and prevent rusting
• Dishwasher safe – high temperature resistant external finish , easy to clean
• Ergonomic heat-insulating soft touch handle for a perfect grip. Oven proof up to 160 C
• Very resistant non-stick coating composed of 3 layers , reinforced with ceramic particles , for intensive use
• Resistant to metal utensils
• Dark bottom for allows the heat to be quickly absorbed , excellent for radiant plates
• Forged body in food – safe extra thick aluminium that guarantees in deformability. Forging technology shapes complex articles with high pressure by using highly pure aluminium (98%) unlikely what is being used in the cast process
• Patented Thermopoint , heat indicator for energy saving cooking
– RED : the utensil has reached the optimum frying temperature , this allows the temperature to be reduced and the energy to be saved
– DARK GREEN : the utensil can be touched and washed safely
• Cooking surfaces : gas , electricity radiant ring , electricity , radiant plate
• 4 Year Guarantee
• Made in Italy


      To BALLARINI, “Made in Italy” means much more than originating in a place on a map. For over 120 years, we’ve infused Italian heritage, family values, and local tradition into every piece of BALLARINI cookware. We design every product as if it’s for our own kitchen—because as far as we’re concerned, everyone who cooks with BALLARINI is part of our extended family.

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