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BALLARINI - Tevere Utility Knife - 13cm

BALLARINI - Tevere Utility Knife - 13cm

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The BALLARINI Tevere utility knife is the ideal knife for anyone who likes to keep things simple. As the name suggests, this kitchen knife can be used for any task. The kitchen knife’s 13 cm serrated blade is especially ideal for cutting foods with hard exteriors and soft interiors. Anything, from bread to pineapples, is cut cleanly with the German stainless steel blade. And without undue exertion. Because thanks to the utility knife’s serrated edge, it boasts incredible sharpness and cutting-edge retention. Even tough peels become child’s-play. Thanks to its bolster, the premium all-purpose knife also safely protects your fingers. The ergonomically designed light pakkawood handle prevents your hands from tiring, even when cutting bread for the whole la famiglia. How about a typical Italian starter such as bruschetta this evening? Gently and effortlessly slice the crusty bread and dice the tomatoes, thanks to the utility knife’s serrated edge. Then just a little garlic, olive oil and basil on top and finito!

  • Sophisticated design
  • Incredible sharpness and cutting-edge retention
  • Very good corrosion resistance
  • Finger guard for greater safety
  • Made with German stainless steel
  • The kitchen knife should always be washed by hand because of the wooden handle.
  • Fully guaranteed against defects in material and/or craftsmanship
MATERIAL TYPE Stainless steel



To BALLARINI, “Made in Italy” means much more than originating in a place on a map. For over 120 years, we’ve infused Italian heritage, family values, and local tradition into every piece of BALLARINI cookware. We design every product as if it’s for our own kitchen—because as far as we’re concerned, everyone who cooks with BALLARINI is part of our extended family.

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