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STAUB - Ceramic Cherry Roasting Oval Dish - 29cm

STAUB - Ceramic Cherry Roasting Oval Dish - 29cm

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The 29 cm, oval-shaped roasting dish from the Ceramics range is ideal for preparing gratins.

It is made out from premium ceramic with the ideal properties for making oven-baked meals.

Ergonomically designed handles enable easy usage. Its cherry colouring ensures that the product makes a good visual impression.

The gratin dish from Staub makes cooking and baking a pleasure.

Please note, the internal length of the bowl is 29cm. 

  • Universal cookware, e.g. for baking or making gratin
  • Stackable – for space-saving storage
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Easy to clean thanks to enamelled surface
  • Internal dimension of bowl length: 29cm
  • Overall length including handles of 36cm
  • Capacity of 2.3 litres
  • Weight of 1.3kg



STAUB gathers people around good food in the kitchen and at the table. Each of our heirloom pieces comes with a story. Born in Alsace, a French region known for its craftsmanship and cuisine, our cast iron cookware brings a taste of authenticity to every meal. Just look for the STAUB seal on every product. Our name is our promise to you that you’re cooking with the best of France…wherever your kitchen may be.

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