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STAUB - Classic Cheese Dome

STAUB - Classic Cheese Dome

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Cheese is an integral part of the sophisticated French cuisine and is served as a last course either before or instead of the dessert.

Our cheese cutting board is made of acacia wood, a hardwood tree from Australia and Africa, which is known for its high-gloss sheen. The wooden plate has a diameter of 32cm, while the hand blown glass cover is 26 cm wide. This leaves an edge for safe handling, which can also be decorated when the board is placed on a table, with the glass button, you can lift the cover for serving with one hand without leaving any marks.

With our new cheese bell you can present a variety of cheeses in style.

The glass dome is individually mouth blown, and as such a very small number of tiny bubbles may appear in the glass as a natural part of production, adding unique character to each piece.

Perfect for presenting cheese on a buffet or at the table
High quality, mouth blown glass dome

MATERIAL TYPE Glass & Acacia wood


STAUB gathers people around good food in the kitchen and at the table. Each of our heirloom pieces comes with a story. Born in Alsace, a French region known for its craftsmanship and cuisine, our cast iron cookware brings a taste of authenticity to every meal. Just look for the STAUB seal on every product. Our name is our promise to you that you’re cooking with the best of France…wherever your kitchen may be.

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