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STAUB - Red Pepper Petite Cocotte - 12cm

STAUB - Red Pepper Petite Cocotte - 12cm

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You can bring the rich colour of nature into your kitchen at any time of the year with this STAUB cocotte in a shape of a orange pepper. The ceramic dish’s natural shape is captivating – a design as if right out of the garden! It can be used in both in the microwave as well as the oven. After cooking, it can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The dish has a diameter of 12 cm and a capacity of 0.5 litres. Thanks to its modest size, this small work of art is well suited as a serving dish, for example, for a delicious soup or a cooked or steamed side dish to meat or fish. Delicious, well-portioned vegetable dishes can be managed in no time in this nature-inspired dish from STAUB’s vegetable garden series.

  • Artistic design in the shape of a pepper – inspired by nature
  • Traditional craftsmanship combined with the highest quality, finished by hand
  • Stylish and unique serving
  • Made of stoneware: Ideal for authentic cooking and flavourful results
  • Can be used in the oven and microwave

**The lid is NOT microwave safe, however the bottom is.**




STAUB gathers people around good food in the kitchen and at the table. Each of our heirloom pieces comes with a story. Born in Alsace, a French region known for its craftsmanship and cuisine, our cast iron cookware brings a taste of authenticity to every meal. Just look for the STAUB seal on every product. Our name is our promise to you that you’re cooking with the best of France…wherever your kitchen may be.

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