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ZWILLING - Fresh & Save Vacuum Wine Sealer Set - 3pc

ZWILLING - Fresh & Save Vacuum Wine Sealer Set - 3pc

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For the Wine Lover / Wine Enthusiast / Oenophiles / Connoisseurs / Sommeliers

Vacuum Wine Sealer three piece set for longer wine enjoyment. A crisp and fresh Sauvignon Blanc with prawns, a Chilean Merlot with roast beef and a Primitivo with a chocolate soufflé. One bottle of wine is sometimes not enough. Very often occasions like this end with half-empty wine bottles. If stored conventionally, wine loses its aroma after a short period of time through contact with oxygen. The wine tastes flat and ends up down the drain. That doesn’t need to happen!

Slow down the oxidation process with FRESH & SAVE. Place the elegantly shaped vacuum sealer on the neck of the bottle and the powerful, handy vacuum pump (sold separately: item Fresh and Save Vacuum Pump) extracts the air from the bottle at the press of a button. The aromas and flavour notes are safely protected. The wine stays fresh longer.

Trimmed in high-quality stainless steel, the wine stopper is dishwasher safe and thus very easy to clean. By the way: The vacuum sealers are also suitable for oils or juices – vitamins and aromas stay preserved longer. Try it out! Only carbonated beverages are not suitable for vacuum sealing. Enjoy wine just the way you like it. FRESH & SAVE will take care of everything else. The dimensions of a single wine sealer are: 3cm diameter, 4cm height. Each sealer weighs 18g.

  • Vacuum function: Opened wine keeps fresh longer compared to conventional non-vacuum storage methods: Aromas and the flavour are safely preserved.
  • Ideally suited for storing wines, oils, juices
  • Not suitable for carbonated beverages
  • Elegant and decorative sealers fit all standard wine bottle necks (17–19 mm inner diameter)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • L/W/H (in mm): 30/30/40
  • Works with the Fresh & Save vacuum pump
  • Set of three wine sealers
  • Simple to link the opened bottle to the ZWILLING App to track how long the wine can be kept
  • Free app calculates the date by when the vacuum-sealed wine should be consumed and the reminder function sends a message in good time before the wine has a chance to lose its aroma and bouquet. Recipes, explanatory videos and a shopping list round of the services offered by the app.


  • Net weight: 0.06 kg
  • Length of product: 3.00 cm
  • Width of product: 3.00 cm
  • Height of product: 4.00 cm
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